01 August, 2013

11 things to know

Setelah sekian lama.... akhirnya aku kembali... dan post aku yang pertama sebagai comeback post ialah seperti perkara dibawah ni... kawan aku yang aku kenal masa dekat Unimas dulu tag aku untuk buat... hehehehe... xpernah buat pun sebelum ni.. saje nak try2.. lagi satu xtau nak post ape jadi benda ni macam membantu jugakla dalam mengembalikan keceriaan dalam blog aku ni.. hahaha...Jadi... silalah...



1. Post this rules

2. Writes 11 things about yourself
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you
4. Create 11 new questions for those who you want to tag
5. Choose 11 bloggers to be tagged and link them to the post. You are not allowed to tag back.

11 things about myself:

- Blur. Everyone knows and kinda used to it.. i hope..
- Likes to read comics and play games...
- Crazy. Unexpected mood and changed in a second sometimes.
- Slow music with great lyrics is my snacks.
- hate missing someone because its painful.
- Nerd. because THEY say i love maths and play  puzzle games when bored and loves to read facts.
- Wished to have an older brother since primary but stop wishing since knowing it will be impossible
- My first encounter to kpop world is because of super junior's song no other in Matriculation. Still adore them besides david beckham. hehehe..
- I have phobia with men because...... i dont know... haiz... it seems funny and mengada-ngada but it is serious... also lead to social phobia meaning wish to have the invisible power like mr incredible's daughter when in public.
- cries easily even by watching others crying.
- have my own lazy day on the day i feel lazy to do anything. basically it will be the day i prefer and on that day i will only play games and sleeping.. hahaaha.. (this attitude is in the list of changing to the better)

Answers to her Questions:

one; how did you know me ?
- I know her while in Unimas. We become close because she used to be my lab partner and she is my crazy lab partner. we used to laugh in the lab even when doing a serious experiment... hahaha...

two; did you know my real name ? 
- i know her name is Fatin Romdzi but i think the spelling is wrong. soriee

three; suggest me the best movie you ever watched.
- a movie called the proposal. it is an old movie and I cried watching this. awesome loves story besides P.S. I love you.

four; would you like to share your current favorite songs ?
- my current favourite song is crush by B1A4. Sanduel's solo i think... hehehe....

five; guess my favorite colour.
- blue kot... hahaha... tak sempat tanya dah pindah...

six; nae nampyeooon ?
- that guy called lee hongki of coz..

seven; who do you think i'll be married one day ?
- hongki's malaysian version... hahaha

eight; something i do that pissed you off ? tell me what should i do to improve myself :)
- she should start dating... hahahaha

nine; something you wanna share with me? or something you wanna say ? you can talk/write about anything. i'll read & give response.
- Miss her and them in Unimas so much. although just one sem but the memories are priceless. She helps me when I still struggle to survive far away from home by sharing laughter and do stupid stuff. and become my kpop fan partner. thanks alot chingu ya. ; )

ten; who am i to you ?
- a crazy lab partner.. hahaha

eleven; your feelings after answering this tagging things ?
- happieeeeeeee

My questions:

1) the first thing you remember when you hear my name.

2) the most memorable moment with me
3) your current wish
4) baju raye tahun ni warna ape? hahaha
5) recommend a song other than super junior...
6) your first encounter to kpop world
7) current variety show that you watched?
8) who is your first love.. mine would be david bechkham.. no doubt..
9) since i love food so lets share your favourite food.. hehehe
10) what do you think about super junior???
11) If we meet what is the first thing you want to tell.

28 September, 2012

the journey that I took..

and etc..

hehehe.... sounds like a horror story but that is actually some of the pit stop  that I have to encounter before I continue my journey called life... along this way too I listen, I observe and wonder...

the most important thing is I have to be strong to create a story of me which only me owns it.
a beautiful story or a pathetic story only me can decide....

below is the lyric of a song called hero by mariah Carey... enjoy!!

There's a hero
If you look inside your heart
You don't have to be afraid
Of what you are

There's an answer
If you reach into your soul
And the sorrow that you know
Will melt away

And then a hero comes along
With the strength to carry on
And you cast your fears aside
And you know you can survive

So when you feel like hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
And you'll finally see the truth
That a hero lies in you

It's a long road
And you face the world alone
No one reaches out a hand
For you to hold

You can find love
If you search within yourself
And the emptiness you felt
Will disappear

And then a hero comes along
With the strength to carry on
And you cast your fears aside
And you know you can survive

So when you feel like hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
And you finally see the truth
That a hero lies in you

Oh ho, Lord knows
Dreams are hard to follow
But don't let anyone
Tear them away, hey yea

Hold on
There will be tomorrow
In time, you find the way, hey

Then a hero comes along
With the strength to carry on
And you cast your fears aside
And you know you can survive

So when you feel like hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
And you finally see the truth
That a hero lies in you

That a hero lies in you
Mmm, that a hero lies in you

credit to : http://www.elyrics.net/read/m/mariah-carey-lyrics/hero-lyrics.html 

p/s: lots of things is going on in this process of going to be adult... oh god please guide me the way to jannah...

01 September, 2012

the clouds..

credit to 3kupang media

This picture is so beautiful and mesmerizing... found it in the facebook.. wanted to ask where is this place but then I think let me find this place by my own.. would be more challenging and fun!!.. really hope I can go there and watch it on my own... the beauty of god's creation... symbolize freedom, wide and refreshing... weird but that is what I truly feel.. hahaha..

actually I have been collecting pictures of the clouds or skies recently.. even with only mobile phone camera I am able to capture two which I personally like and really love... although the quality of the picture is not very good, its okay... I am satisfied with what I have... ^^

with love,

p/s: this is their link (click it)... used to be my aunt's wedding photographer I guess... that is why I like their page..

30 August, 2012

Hari Raya Yang Mulia (qasrina's post)

Raya tahu nie ada kat Sabak Bernam... Pagi raya jer terus sembahyang, mandi makan pergi masjid, balik masjid je pergi kubur .. Pagi raya kat sana tak sempat nk bergambar kat rmh embah x tahu pasal apa.. hihihihihi

Dua hari lepas, balik Banting pulak... Sepanjang perjalanan dalam area kampung tu nampak org main bunga api, jeles lar pulak... Sampai kampung jer salam atok, nenek, bibik.. Dok tengah sembang bik kata ada bunga api , la tu jugak pergi main..sambil tu main mercun gak tapi x bahaya sangat.....  Thanks bibik wawa & paman radi bagi  bunga api.. 

Bergembira di hari raya..

lalalala~~~ (Tira syok sendiri)

Besoknya pergi beraya rmh org.. Semua org dok sibuk bersiap..Siap2 dah sesi tangkap gambar .. nk buat apa lagi kalau x tangkap gambar,kalau x da gambar x sah,  sebelum pergi beraya  tangkap gambar dulu... Tema tahun nie hitam putih mcm zebra.. eh! x ada lar hitam putih campur warna2 gelap jer..Ni gambar keluarga En Sarngi ... semua org senyum abah pulak mcm terlebih senyum..

Dah 4 hari kat banting ... Sabtu tu buat aqiqah habis aqiqah lar tu jugak balik penang..(hmm penat jugak tapi x apa leh tidok dlm keta) ...tapi semua org nk blk hari sabtu tapi mlm .. habis aqiqah sebelum blk, Masing2 yg mak cik2 nie bagi duit raya lar kat ank saudara.... Saya dapat byk jugak tapi syok bik ziha bagi bonus.. tq bik ziha... tapi x sempat nk slm atok n nenek.. x apa hari lain boleh... Ptg tu pukul 6.00 ptg bertolak bye bibik semua dan paman2
                          SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR BATIN  

                                 Terima kasih anak buaya, 
                                       Sekian saja drpd saya.
hasil karya,

p/s: gambar raya ada kat laptop sapa nak saya upload okay jer...^^

11 August, 2012

perempuan itu adakah dia hypocrite??

owh tidak... modul yang sangat membosankan... since perempuan itu akan berkenalan dengan orang baru... dan akan ada lelaki dan perempuan dan a tutor... bosan sebab paling tak suka mencari kawan baru sebab perempuan itu perlu dengan awkward-nya menanya the taboo questions.. errr.. nama sapa? course apa?? if not you will be left out and be in your own lonely world...yeah, it is sad.. bukannya perempuan itu tak suka tapi cuma that ice breaking phase is 100 million uncomfortable..berapakah tebal muka perempuan itu semasa that ice breaking phase??? mungkinkah setebal 10 lapis BB cream? Only god knows... plus when that so-called-new-friend dah memang ada clique sendiri... memang keseoranganlah perempuan itu... haiz.... I sincerely pity her..

tapi perempuan itu pandai mengawal perasaan dan jiwanya... dalam hati rasa macam nak keluar je dari bilik tu... tapi di sebabkan kebolehan perempuan itu dan kehebatannya mengawal perasaan dan jiwa.. dia pun menunjukkan the most faking smile ever in her life.. hahaha... 

so next activity is to describe our partners base on our first impression on her... jadi perempuan itu pun tulislar tiga benda tentang partner dia... guess what! partner dia tulis yang perempuan itu ceria, sopan santun dan selalu senyum... haiz... memang betul pun... hahaha.. tapi tu luaran jer.. since the qustion is focus on first impression...that sounds cool... tapi yang perempuan tu tulis memang exactly same dengan perwatakan partner dia.. how she knows???? makan garam lebih lar kawan...

let me tell you about perempuan itu yang memang aku kenal sangat dari kecik lagi... dia sangat ceria... memang... tapi keceriaannya sebenarnya nak menutup kesedihannya... dia sangat sopan santun sebab itu apa yang the society want.. but actually she wanted to be out from that title and be wild.. not too wild but wild... aku dengan dia saja yang tahu macam mana tahap ke-wild-an yang dimaksudkan.. dan lastly, selalu senyum... senyum tu sedekah... jadi why not?? hehehe...

jadi adakah perempuan itu hypocrite??? I don't think so... I think she just apply the basic things to survive in this unfair world.. 

p/s: sepatutya dah tido sebab esok 9.30 am kena naik bas balik penang.. tapi merepek mencipta character yang diidamkan... hahaha..  macam penulis novel pulak... hmmmm... mungkin nanti aku akan tulis a complete set... hmmm... mungkin akan ada orang bash aku teruk gila sebab mix melayu dengan english... mungkin nantilar...

with love, 
qistina mohd sarngi

20 July, 2012

B.A.R.U dan lama...


Dah lama tak post kat sini... dalam otak dah banyak benda nak tulis sebenarnya tapi nak men-translate-kan kepada bahasa manusia tu agak susah sikit... perlukan masa dan kebijaksanaan 'menggoreng'...
So post ni jugak merupakan post yang pertama guna background baru... try tengok sekeliling .... plus header tu di buat khas dari photoshop... mungkin agak pelik dan tak sekreatif yang sebelum ni.. tapi yang ni lebih Qistina's style.. seni yang pelik memang saya.. hehehehe...thanks kat Wa (housemate kat UNIMAS dulu) yang telah menghabiskan masa lapangnya membuat blog aku ... below ada print screen blog dulu supaya aku x lupa hasil tangan Wa...


Next nak cerita yang super junior buat album baru... hahaha... ya saya memang ELF tapi sekadar mengisi masa lapang ... x lar sepenuh masa.. sebab masa yang lain saya Hottest, Blackjack, V.I.P dan sebagainya...hahaha.. dan hamba Allah sepenuh masa... ok back to the story, oppa2 suju ni keluarkan album keenam yang bertajuk Sexy, Free and Single... ulalala... macam describe aku jer.. tapi tang sexy tu bukan aku lar.. ada 10 track dan aku suka semua..jadi aku recommend semua kat korang... selalunya ada satu atau dua lagu dari album diaorg yang aku rasa macam nak baling earphone je bila dengar tapi yang ni aku ulang nak dekat 10 kali... mungkin sebab banyak lagu yang lembut dan menenangkan hati...(aku sebanrnya jiwang 1% ni semua sebab aku lahir bulan feb.. hehehe..)

Ramai yang pelik terutamanya kaum lelaki yang tak paham kenapakah dan mengapakah aku dan orang2 yang sewaktu dengannya boleh minat dengan lagu2 korea ni pada hal lirik pun xpaham... hmm... sebenarnya aku lagi tak paham diorang... first kalau xpaham bahasa diaorg google kan ada... banyak yang dah di eng sub ..aku mengamalkan sikap paham lagu baru nyanyi..sebab takut ada bahasa seperti $!$!%@^ plak yang aku dok syok nyanyi... kedua memang banyak yang macam obses gila2 kat penyanyi2 n pelakon2 kat negara tu... FYI ada je kawan aku yang gila2 obses kat penyanyi dgn pelakon negara lain.. siap cakap pun nak macam diaorg... eg, hindustan.. dulu zaman rosalinda(cerita mxico yang ada hero handsome gila) kat sekolah aku asyik2 mia mor, porke... plus yang obses komik, bola, kereta, serangga(??)aku xcakap ape2 pun...pssstt.. maklumat dalam turut mengatakan walaupun jantina opposite aku x suka dengan artis2 negara tu tapi stail rambut dengan fesyen baju still ikut negara tu jugak.. ape kes???jadi... respect my interest so I can respect yours too... okay? set!!

hmm... lepas tu apa lagi yang baru??? nak cerita kawan baru macam banyak sangat.. satu kelas ada 16 ke 17 orang aku masih tak sure.. sorang laki.. yang 16/17 ni batch intake untuk yang under UiTM je.. memang semua otak maths jadi memang ngam lar.. kalau yang tak ngam tu pun aku buat2 ngam juga... hahaha... jadi aku agak aman bahagia sekarang.. first sebab ada subject maths... calculus satu sampai tiga, maths logic, linear algebra, economy dan sebagainya... ambik kau... nak sangat maths...dulu kat UNIMAS xde maths pun... I mean maths yang macam add maths tu... sedih gila aku.. petang2 balik kelas megenang  nasib kat jambatan cinta...kedua sebab tak payah masuk lab... yay! satu2nya lab yang aku kena masuk lab computer... ape lar sangat..... dan yang terakhir sebab aku banyak sangat kawan yang satu course kat sini.. aku rasa macam zaman kat convent dengan matrik kembali... oh, indahnya dunia... (over mode dah mai dah)

tapi, dalam kegembiraan aku tu aku rasa sedih sangat dengan rindu sangat nak jalan dekat jambatan cinta malam2 (please not when it rained heavily.. dont dare to imagine..).. bawak kereta manual (yang aku tak pandai langsung sampai kena minta siti iha yang kawal gear aku kawal stereng) dengan yah, siti iha n siti has... sembang pasal hongki dengan fatin romdzi walaupun aku sebenarnya ELF.. jadi basically aku dengar je dia cakap... tapi aku suka sebab boleh tambah ilmu pengetahuan... hahaha...plus sedut cerita dengan dia gak plus jadi gila time lab chem... plus dia perkenalkan aku kat simon and martina (the couple who review kpop vid). They should thank fatin romdzi sebab dah tambah sorang yang subcribe channel dia.. hahaha...  pastu pegi bilik ntah sapa sebab nak mintak runningman... serious lawak gila... pastu karok dengan ika yang sama gila dengan aku tapi gila2 dia dean list jugak... owh aku lupa nak cakap yang kwan aku sekarang pun fatin jugak... hahaha... aku rasa kalau aku duduk dalam komuniti fatin aku memang selamat, aman dan bahagia... err laki ada nama fatin x? aku nak kawin dengan dia... hahaha.... lepas tu aku rindu kt kak aishah... dia cahaya aku kat UNIMAS (hyperbola) sebab masa daftar kat BRC which aku memang murung gila masa tu sebab baru sampai UNIMAS plus tak kenal sapa2 tetiba nampak dia kakak yang satu class dengan aku masa matrik dulu... ohh indahnya dunia... pastu dia selalu belanja aku Milo.. yerobun bogosipeul (ejaan salah tapi bunyi macam betul)!!! uwaaaa.... T T

aku sangat sakit hati dan x puas hati dan makan hati bila ada orang cakap aku pindah sebab rindu rumah dan orang kutuk2 course lama aku kat UNIMAS... HELLO manusia... tau tak budak2 yang ambik course tu semua bijak2, lawa2, handsome2 dan baik2 dari korang...plus aku dari dulu selalu tak pernah duduk rumah dan bukan anak manja... dari 4 tahun aku selalu balik kg dengan m.cik aku bila hujung tahun, sekolah aku walaupun 10min dari tempat kerja abah tapi dia tak pernah ambik aku balik bila hujung minggu dan matrik aku kat changlun, kedah....sekian... aku tukar sebab aku tak bijak bio dan sangatlah tidak pandai chem(terbukti bila aku dpt C+ time finale) dan nak maths tu jer.. bukan sebab aku rasa course tu takde class... please have some respect... dont worry guys walaupun aku dah tukar course aku akan protect course korang tu... hahaha... rasa macam Superwomen pulak.. aku xpernah ada peluang nak jelaskan kat manusia2 terbabit.. jadi kat sini pun cukuplar kan..

conclusion.... walaupun aku sgt bahagia sekarang tapi aku sangat takut kalau ada something yang akan merubah segalanya... ye aku memang agak takut dengan perubahan... tapi kalau dulu aku tak nak alami langsung... tapi sekarang aku beranikan jugak walau dalam hati.. Ya Allah...tidaaakkk!!!
but I always remember that a wise man said there will always be rainbow after raining... plus Allah takkan beri ujian kepada hambanya kalau hambanya tak dapat atasinya...


p/s: aku masih tertanya-tanya kenapa aku menangis time bibik nora akad nikah... time tu aku rasa sedih sangat macam seorang insan yang akan melepaskan anaknya pergi... mungkinkah...... hmmmmm...

with love, 
qistina mohd sarngi 

14 May, 2012


Dear future Qistina,
This past Qistina has something that has been bothering her...
The pain can be detected in her heart and in her head..
Her mouth feels like cursing but then she realise that cursing will only add sins to her not to the "something that has been bothering her"..
So, this. is. anger... before this she takes things lightly and just forgive everyone even that "thing" has go over the limit.. her anger used to be in seconds but yesterday, she need to lie down and sleep to cool down.
She hates it a lot but she cant avoid that feeling..
Maybe she is still a junior in the adult life.. still cant control the unstable mood... still a lot to learn
Luckily that anger does not release to any innocent person around her.. if and only if it does.. the world will be end for her... hmm...
Lastly, I want to ask you future Qistina...
Allah Maha Mengasih melebihi Marahnya, jadi layakkah hambanya untuk marah selamanya?
with love,
QistinaMohd Sarngi